How to Work Out for Your Specific Body Goals

Bikini season is looming upon us, meaning many of us are eating cleaner, drinking more water, and hitting the gym But what about the frustration when you aren’t getting the results you set out for?

We recently found out that perhaps exercise might not help you get skinny, but this doesn’t mean that you find a routine that tones you where you need and gives you curves where you want.

A lot of people think that for abs you should do crunches and for thinner thighs you should do leg workouts, but since spot training doesn’t actually work, that won’t do the trick. Read on to see exactly how to tone the areas you want to tone.

Trying to slim down thighs? 

Unless you have a high body fat percentage, avoid exercises like cycling, the stair master, or even the elliptical on high intensity. Even though they are high calorie burning, the repetitive pumping on an incline can bulk up muscles. Try some low intensity cardio like longer runs (30- 60 minutes) on a flat incline, long walks, and some low impact exercises like Pilates, barre, or yoga to lengthen and lean out muscles.

Trying to grow a booty? 

Many women tend to lose weight from the booty area before the midsection, legs, or arms, so it might be more beneficial to swap the long bouts of cardio for high intensity interval training (HIIT). Try and mix up short intensity exercises like sprints with booty building strength training like lunges and weighted squats. Add in some yoga or Pilates, and get ready to be mistaken for a Kardashian.

Trying to get a 6 pack?

Don’t eschew the cardio just yet. It’s a common mistake to neglect cardio when trying to achieve Victoria’s Secret worthy abs, but cardio has actually been found to be one of the best arsenals in your wobbly tummy weaponry. Combine your fave form of cardio with about three to four ab sessions a week. Just like any other muscle, it’s important to let your ab muscles rest in order to allow for optimal svelte-ness.

Trying to lose fat?

Science shows the kitchen is where fat is fought, so make sure your meals are well balanced and full of veggies and protein. Cardio is going to be your best friend for overall fat loss, and studies show that interval training is one of the best ways to burn fat quickly, so get that heart rate up! A common workout mistake is to fall into a rut. Your body can actually get used to the same workout every day, so make sure you are always switching it up to keep your muscles guessing.

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