How to make your friends weed brownies for Christmas

Nothing is more meaningful than giving someone a gift that is handmade or baked. Especially for your friends that are the “let’s get lit” kind of friends, which, let’s be honest, are the best kind of friends.

And the best kind of friends deserve the best kind of gifts. So why not get lit and treat them (and yourself) to pot brownies?

Here’s the easiest recipe for making all of your friends the best pot brownies on earth! Keep in mind this process is a little lengthy if you are making your own oil, but still, I promise they are worth the wait.

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1. Getting the Oil

The oil is the most important part, and is where the active THC in the brownies come from. If you live in a state where weed is legal, then you could probably just buy the oil directly from a dispensary or online. If you are this lucky, skip to step 3. For those of us who are unfortunate and live in states where it’s still illegal, we do not condone breaking the law, but in the interest of education, we will tell you how an outlaw would do it: they would go the old route of DIY extraction, which is workable but more expensive.

2. Making Your Own Oil

To make your own, you need to first heat up the weed to activate all the THC. What I would do is grind all of the weed I’m using (which if I am making an entire batch of brownies is close to half an ounce of weed) into a really fine powder.

For every half ounce of weed you use, add one cup of oil. I use coconut because it has a really high fat content, and the more fat, the more active the THC becomes.

Combine both in either a double-boiler or slow cooker and leave them on low for at least 6 hours. Stir the mixture occasionally. This way, all the weed will be activated without scorching and ruining the potency of the weed. If you notice any burning, add a small amount of water.

After it has been completely heated, use a cheese cloth to strain the oil from the weed solids. The oil’s shelf life is at least two months, and can be extended if you refrigerate it.

3. The Mix

I will literally use the Betty Crocker box brownie mix. As long as you have the mix and are replacing the butter/oil component with the same amount of cannabis oil or butter the recipe requires, then you’re good. My only word of advice with baking the brownies is to use caution when using high heat. Sometimes that can scorch the oil too, even in baking, so just keep an eye on the brownies while they are baking.

4. Get Lit

Let them cool for a few mins and then eat tf up! If you made an entire batch of brownies with the oil, don’t eat too much. The high you get from an edible is so much different than just smoking it, and it will hit you later. You might not realize just how much you’ve eaten.

They’re so good, and remember to share with your friends!

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