A gift guide for the practical stoner

Last year’s cannabis gift guide was for the chic stoners – and while this year’s gift guide is still chic, we’ve focused on items that you might not even know you need. This is the practical stoner’s gift guide.

We’ve rounded up some of the most functional cannabis-related gifts that will change the way you and the stoners in your life do anything with ganja, and once you have them, you’ll realize that you can’t live without them.

Of course, with anything cannabis related, we should take into account that cannabis isn’t legal everywhere. And despite equal usage rates, black Americans are 3.73% more likely to be imprisoned for crimes related to marijuana than white Americans according to the ACLU. So ’tis the season to be thankful for the privilege of being able to purchase these luxe items.

Here are some amazing products that every cannabis connoisseur needs.

1. Hemp Infused Lip Balms & Lotions

I love hemp products, but specifically these balms and lotions from the woman-owned company CannaSmack. They have the cutest names too, like the balms are named after a weed strain, such as Blue Dream or Maui Wowie. Some of the balms have color too, so you don’t have to deal with lipsticks that completely suck the moisture from your lips . They offer so many different flavors and smells, but my favorite is the Day Tripper Delight lotion. It leaves this tingly feeling after applying and it smells minty and delicious.

Cannasmack Natural Lip Balm Collection, $14.95.

2. The Nuggy

The Nuggy is a must have for any smoker. It’s a 10-in-1 multitool that has everything from a roach clip to a coke spoon – a stoner’s Swiss army knife! It’s also small enough that you can take it with you everywhere discreetly.

Nuggy The Original Smoker’s Multitool, $33.

3. ResCaps & ResGel

I’m always shocked by how quickly my water pieces get dirty, and cleaning them is an absolute pain. Resolution has made this awesome cleaning product that’s specifically made for that really tough pot residue. The ResCaps stretch over your glass water pipes and you shake the liquid inside to clean it. You can then use the caps for traveling or storage, too. They also make a gel bag for smaller pieces, and you can literally just drop your piece in the bag and seal it to clean.

Resolution Glass Bong Cleaning Essentials, $19.99.

4. Magical Butter

This thing is a freaking godsend. Magical Butter is a device that takes the difficulty out of making pot brownies basically. It infuses the weed into oils and butters for you. It’s not just good for edibles though, you can also DIY your own cannabis topicals and lotions too. It simply does everything. A little pricey but beyond worth it if they regularly make edibles.

Magical Butter MB2e 110V, $174.95.

5. Mahogany Roll Tray

Cannador is known for having some of the best high-end storage containers for weed, but the one product I cannot live without is their rolling tray. It’s super chic looking and, because it’s mahogany, makes rolling super easy because the weed just rolls right off the wood. I even leave mine out on my coffee table when I’m not using it just because of how pretty it looks.

Cannador Mahogany Roll Tray, $39.

6. Wooden Blunt Tip

Elevate makes these gorgeous blunt tip pieces that make passing blunts so much easier. Say goodbye to the days of trying to peel apart the blunt end once the newbie in your toke circle seals it with saliva. The tips are reusable and, because they’re wooden, they’re also super easy to clean.

Elevate 14er Wooden Blunt Tips, $20.

7. Cannabis Tasting Journal

This would be the perfect gift for someone who is into both ganja and science. The journal is designed to track all of the strains you have tried, and allows you to explore the effects and how your body reacts to certain strains. It’s small, so it’s portable and the journal also has some really cool infographics about terpenes and flavors that will inform your observations.

Goldleaf Recreational Tasting Journal, $14.99.

8. KushKard

Sometimes, just rolling a joint can be the perfect gift in itself, so why not buy a cute card that has a spot for your gift j? KushKard makes the perfect ganjga gift, and comes with a unique spot to insert a pre-rolled blunt or joint and a match striker. The cards are so colorful and clever, like the 420 one pictured above. They make cards for other holidays, like Kushmas, but I just really loved this one.

KushKard Christmas Box Set of 5, $19.99.

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