This Magic Oil Made My Ingrown Hair Disappear In 2 Days

There are few things worse than getting an ingrown hair, specifically an ingrown hair “down there.”

Like, c’mon, you already have to spend way too much time in the shower and way too much money on products in attempts to get a close shave that actually lasts longer than a day. And then, when you finally think you’ve gotten rid of all the hair, you get a pimple-looking, painful little bump because your hair decided it wanted to grow in the wrong damn direction.

There hasn’t been much you can do about an ingrown hair besides letting it grow out, but that takes time and means that you shouldn’t shave the area until it’s better, which is rough. But now, there may be a way to get rid of those pesky little shits way quicker and more efficiently thanks for Fur Oil.

Fur Oil made headlines last year when they launched their full line of products for your pubes (and any other area that you shave), but I didn’t get a chance to try them myself until recently.

I tried Fur Oil’s Ingrown Concentrate Spot Solution on a new ingrown hair that I noticed, and it went away in two days. Two fucking days, no joke. After having to deal with ingrown hairs for months before, this one went away in two days, it was a fucking miracle.

Now you’re probably thinking that this process was intense af, I mean, how else would it have worked so fast? But nope, it was legit the easiest thing ever. Let me walk you through it.

It was Friday morning, and my boyfriend was visiting that weekend, so I decided to shave my lady bits. Lo and behold, after I spent an extra ten minutes in the shower trying to get every crevice hairless, I realized that I had an ingrown hair in my bikini line. Not cute. Not that my boyfriend would care or that I’m self-conscious about that shit (you shouldn’t be either), but like anyone, I’d prefer to not have ingrown hairs.

After the shower, I put a drop of the oil on the ingrown hair. After reading the directions I realized I was supposed to exfoliate using the small mitten they gave in the shower, but I had already showered, so I skipped it.

The next morning, the ingrown hair was hardly noticeable and had hardened into a small speck. In the shower, I exfoliated, and then put another drop on the spot.

The next morning that sucker was gone. And like, actually gone. Not “oh it’s mostly not noticeable and doesn’t hurt anymore,” like, legit as if it was never there.

The process was painless, effortless, and ridiculously fast. If you’re somebody who tends to get ingrown hairs more often than not, I definitely recommend this product. If you’re not somebody who gets ingrown hairs, but you know someone who is (hint: your boyfriend and his ridiculous Movember beard), get it for them as a holiday gift. They’ll def thank you.

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