6 Tips For the Closest Possible Shave

Shaving is a drag, but it’s way cheaper than waxing and laser hair removal. So most of us are stuck with it.

And according to expert Karen Young of Oui Shave, the best shaving tips actually have more to do with oil and skin preparation than buying the 90-blade razors that are constantly being advertised.

Here are Karen’s six best tips for shaving.

1. Don’t use a razor with more than two blades.

You might think the more blades the better, but according to Karen, razors with no more than two blades minimize razor burn and ingrown hairs.

2. Exfoliate first.

Scrubs aren’t just for your facial skin. Prepare your skin before shaving by removing dead skin cells with a washcloth, body scrub, or dry brush.

3. Foamy shaving creams aren’t the best.

Karen says a hydrating oil or lotion is a much better bet because it’ll create a barrier between your skin and the blade.

4. For your underarms, don’t keep shaving in one direction.

Instead, vary the motion because armpit hair can grow in at varying angles. Go up-and-down, side-to-side, even diagonal, for the best shave.

5. Don’t shave at the beginning of your shower.

The longer you wait, the better: your pores open and your hair softens as your skin is exposed to the hot water and steam of the shower. This makes the hair easier to remove.

6. Don’t ignore razor burn.

If you follow all these tips and still have bumps or irritation, Karen says to apply a warm compress and an ingrown-hair-relief product immediately. Then comes the tough part: avoid shaving for a few days while it heals.


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