Maggie Lindemann spills her goth-chic style secrets

Maggie Lindemann has quickly put herself on the map as the new it-girl to watch with her IDGAF persona and fuckboy-shaming anthems like “Obsessed.”

While her 2.5 million Instagram followers and 8,290,080 Spotify listeners are notable attributes, one of the most epic things about her is how much her wardrobe embodies the goth-chic babe we all aspired to be in middle school.

We recently caught up with Maggie to put together a guide on how we can all reclaim our dreams of being brave enough to wear leather mini skirts, chain necklaces and sky-high platform shoes.

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You’ve mastered the whole goth-chic style and you always have some really unique pieces on. Are you more of a thrifter or brand name shopper? 

I actually don’t really thrift often, I’m so terrible at it. But I do really want to start getting into it. I usually just online shop, it’s my favorite.


What would you say are some key elements to achieving your look?

It’s all about your accessories. You can make an outfit go from very regular to very fashion if you add the right kind of accessories.

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Do you look at trends? Or do you look elsewhere for style inspiration? 

Sometimes, but not really. I used to follow trends a lot more but now I kinda just do what I want. I follow a lot of cool people on Instagram with really cool styles so sometimes I draw from them, but mostly it’s just me styling myself.


Obviously your look involves a lot of black. What are some other colors you like to rock? 

I love red and pink. I like to keep it mostly black because i feel like when i wear a lot of colors I look young. But pink and red jackets or shoes are sooo cute.

You wear a lot of oversized tees and jackets, but they never look baggy on you. What are your tips for rocking this style?

I think it’s just about how you style it. If you’re going to wear baggy pants then wear a tight shirt and vice versa.

BDG Twig Ripped High-Rise Skinny Jean – Black, Urban Outfitters, $69.00


You also rock a lot cool patterns. How do you incorporate them into your look? 

With patterns, for me at least, it’s just throwing a pattern in with a plain outfit. If my outfit is all one color then I’ll throw maybe some checkered pants in to add something.

What are some guilty pleasure pieces or beauty products that you own? 

I’m obsessed with necklaces. I own so many it’s insane. I wish I could wear them all.



What are three accessories you’d say never fail to make an outfit?

Rings, necklaces, and nails!!!!

Have you ever thrown away a piece of clothing and regretted it? Or do you like to hold onto things in your wardrobe? 

I remember one time I threw this piece away because I hadn’t worn it in so long and then literally two days later I had the perfect outfit for it. So now I keep everything, you never know when it’ll come back into style or if your style will change.


Lastly, What’s the last thing you bought and where did you buy it from? 

I just bought a few things from Urban Outfitters but one of the things I bought is this super soft red jacket. I’m actually wearing it right now.




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