Mae Deline Shares Her Grief-Stricken New Single “Future You and Future Me”

Mae Deline is unveiling a new enigmatic single “Future You and Future Me”. A melancholic ballad embracing the memory of a lover from a not-so-distant past. The new song you’re about to hear is simply amazing, and we are delighted to bring it to you here at Galore.

Listen to Future You and Future Me here.

Combining her powerful and passionate voice with her experiences of loss, pain, allure, and love, Mae develops a strong emotional connection with her audience. Being influenced by music giants such as Alanis Morrisette, Paul McCartney, and Björk she’s determined to create a unique and distinct sound, whispering to your ear “It’s OK to be vulnerable… It’s OK to feel this way” She will be the first to lay it all out and tell us we aren’t alone in our struggles. 

In her previous single, “Black Hole” Mae delivered a galactic esoteric song. Now in “Future You and Future Me” her direction changes, using her soothing voice mixed with steady guitar riffs the song begins in a mournful tone, sadness and an intense feeling of heartbroken are conveyed in the lyrics “I can bear the thought of you in another woman’s arms… can you picture me with a different kind of man?” Truly gripping and devastating, there’s nothing she holds back. Ending with a small guitar solo, Mae’s calming voice will leave you in an entrancing state, one you will not be able to escape. 

She explains to us what went behind “Future You and Future Me”: “This is one song in a series of about thirteen that I wrote during the brunt of an extremely painful breakup. I was forced out into the cold -quite literally. I drove from Los Angeles to my hometown in Wisconsin in the dead of winter in 2020, essentially living out of my car with my two cats. All written between sobs and cigarettes at random truck stops, suburban neighborhood side streets, and parking lots, this was the first time in my life I felt truly on my own and grieved like I never have before. Future You And Future Me is a snapshot of a stage in the grieving process. Perhaps it was the “denial phase” of my breakup where I was having wishful thinking. I knew the relationship was over but I coped by fantasizing that maybe, in some future universe, I’m a different person and they’re a different person and that as two changed people, there is a chance it could work out again if it’s really meant to be. And somehow that hope comforted me, even if it was false hope.”

Make sure you add “Future You and Future Me” to your playlist, it’s now available on Spotify


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