Madonna Kissed Ariana Grande and Raised $7.5 Million In One Night

On Friday, Madonna hosted “an evening of art, mischief and music” to benefit her charity Raising Malawi, and unsurprisingly the night was heavy on the mischief.

In addition to raising $7.5 million, Madonna spent the evening kissing Ariana Grande, which miraculously nobody on the Internet seems to have a picture of, showing off her twerking skills.

Dressing up like a clown in a Katy Perry wig and singing about Donald Trump.

And offering to re-marry the ex-husband she swears never hit her with a baseball bat for $150k.

“I’m still in love with you,” Madonna told her ex Sean Penn, who apparently never hit her with a baseball bat or tied her to a chair and beat her, as she auctioned off three black and white photos from their 1985 wedding, which went for $230k.

Voor een bedrag van 150.000 dollar stapt Madonna opnieuw in het huwelijksbootje met Sean Penn 👰🏼💍#madonna #seanpenn

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What a night.

[H/T People]

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