Madison Rose is releasing a new song about a hotline for a good time

Singer Madison Rose is back at it again and releasing a new single called “rainbow phone.,” all about a line that you call when you want to “have a good time” – at least that’s how she puts it.

Aka, we should all get ourselves a rainbow phone.

Madison is set to release the new single at the end of Fall, but in the meantime, we got to sit down with the singer to discuss her old music, how “rainbow phone.” came about, and her favorite beauty products.

Check out the exclusive interview and photoshoot below!

Tell us about your debut single, “DIAMONDS” that was released earlier this year. What was the song about?

The song is about recognizing your self worth and strength in your independence. It’s a statement that no one can dim your shine. You are fabulous and you don’t have to be shy about that fact.

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How did you sit down and write “DIAMONDS?” What was the inspiration behind it?

“DIAMONDS” was written over two years ago. A lot has changed for me since then, but at the time, I was no where near as confident as I am now. But, I could see the potential of the woman I was born to be. I knew I had to grow into her but I could see the outline of what she looked like. I was finding myself in these situations, specifically with men, where I wasn’t being treated with the respect I knew I deserved.

This lead to me realizing that I wasn’t giving myself due respect either. “DIAMONDS” was born more out of an effort to manifest the bad bitch part of myself but creating an anthem for all I knew was inside of me. I wrote it in 15 minutes and the outro was a freestyle. It was a really organic unleashing of the person I am today.

Your newest single, “rainbow phone.,” is due soon. It has such an interesting title – tell us about the song.

That song started off as kind of a joke. The producers (Win&Woo) showed me this beat and said they’d never made something like it before and asked if I wanted to try and hop on. I listened and was like, “Yo this needs some sing rap type energy on it.”

I made this joke like what if this is my move to be a Soundcloud trap rapper? What would a Soundcloud trap rapper do on this? My tag line is “rainbow girl against a storm cloud world,” so rather than hitting me on like “my trap phone,” I just thought it would be funny if it was “my rainbow phone.”

The rest of the song just kind of flowed from there. 90% of the first verse was a freestyle. I was just having fun and exploring a new side of myself musically! I make pop music but am heavily inspired by rap so I felt like this was the place to really explore the blend.

What is a rainbow phone?

A hotline for a good time.

You write all your own songs. What do you need in order to create a creative working space?

In studio, I need great energy from my collaborators and to feel the freedom to experiment. My home is a creative space for me to retreat to. It’s filled with bright colors, candles, and random knick knacks to continually inspire me.

Who are your greatest influences?

I’m inspired by so many strong women. Grace Jones for her tenacity and freedom of style, Beyoncé for her work ethic, and Janet Jackson for her empowered sex appeal.

How would you describe your sound in 4 words?

Rainbow. Empowered. Feminine. Boss.

Who would you love to collab with, living or dead?

Living: Beyoncé, Diplo, Frank Ocean

Dead: Freddie Mercury, Whitney Houston

Tell me about your music video – what’s the idea behind it? How did it come to life?

I had a gazillion inspo boards of all these inspiring colorful images and I met my incredible director, Daniel Iglesias and he knew exactly how to synthesize it. He was like, “What if we create a piece that just builds and builds on itself?”

I love the video because it shows me in so many different lights that are all authentically myself. I’m me whether I’m bare faced in white or lime green boots or a diamond dress. It captures the essence of my mission in life which is to inspire others to embrace all the shades of who they are.

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Who do you go to for career advice?

Honestly I pride myself on being self sufficient and very observant. If I don’t have the answer, I’m going to find it myself. I don’t have a team behind me, not even a manager, so I have to consistently empower myself to go get what I want on my own. I study others careers and the moves their teams make and ultimately check in with my own gut to figure out my next moves.

What’s your daily skincare routine?

My life has been progressively getting more and more insane so I at least try to make sure the make up comes off before bed and I have a gentle moisturizing cleanser. I’m a big coffee scrub person as well.

Favorite beauty products to use?

My MILK Makeup stamps! I always have the little stars and hearts all over my face.

Best skincare brand out there right now?

I’m such a Taurus in that I stick to what I love! Vitamin C and UFO acne serum from Sunday Riley are miracle products.

Clothing brands you love to shop?

Joyrich, Lazy Oaf, Topshop. I also am very much a vintage shopper. Anything bold and unique.

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How do you come up with your Instagram captions?

Most of the time it’s giving out advice that I probably gave to myself the previous day. I think we are all more connected than we think and half the time you’re going through something, the person next to you is experiencing something parallel. I try to be encouraging and honest. But if I have to think too long, you’re getting emojis.

What’s next for you?

World domination.

Styling by Madison Rose

Hair by Lisa Marie Powell

Photos and Makeup by Josiah Cracraft

Editing by Marqui Jordan

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