Inside the Insane Theory That Louis Tomlinson’s Baby Is Fake

In January, Louis Tomlinson, the Chris Kirkpatrick of One Direction, had a baby named Freddie with some woman named Briana Jungwirth…


The theory we’re about to explore, which has been nicknamed Babygate and been extensively detailed by Buzzfeed, centers around the idea that everything about Freddie’s existence has been faked in order to distract the world from Louis’ secret/forbidden love with one Harry Styles.

WARNING: what you’re about to read will make your head hurt. Continue at your own risk.



 It all started last May when a Twitter account was created for the username @BrianaFacts

Interestingly enough @BrianaFacts is a fan account, which is curious seeing as Louis and Briana weren’t photographed together until two days later.

How did she have any fans already? Did Louis‘s management team set the whole thing up? Maybe. Just like they maybe set up this photo/video opportunity:


While Louis looks indifferent/annoyed, Briana is mugging for all she’s worth, which makes it even weirder that in a paparazzi video fans tracked down, she spends most of her time walking behind Louis and covering her face, until an unidentified paparazzo says, “this one’s for The Sun.” 

The Sun would later run that same exact photo to announce their pregnancy, which remained unconfirmed for two more months.  

To further complicate things, one month after The Sun exclusive, which was still BEFORE Louis and Briana confirmed the pregnancy, Louis caught a baby doll onstage at a One Direction concert, and then threw it into the audience saying, “It’s not real.”



While this was undeniably meant in reference to the doll literally not being a real baby, Babygate truthers took this as all the proof they needed that Briana’s pregnancy was fake.

Fast forward to January, and Freddie was born.

While this looks like an ordinary tweet to the untrained eye, to One Direction superfans it looks fake AF. Why? Because Louis ALWAYS leaves space between the end of a word and an exclamation mark ! 

Except, you know, for all the times he doesn’t.

Adding fuel to the fire was the fact that Briana had grammed a picture of her with a just-born Freddie on 1/21 while Louis‘s tweet implied Freddie was born on 1/22. 


However, in our books the bigger red flag here is that Briana TO THIS DAY only has 24 Instagram posts, which seems to back up the theory that she’s a recently created person.

1/21/16. Freddie Reign. Love of my life💙

A photo posted by Briana Jungwirth (@brianaashleyjungwirth) on

Oh, and people also noticed that Briana left the hospital on her own two feet which HAD to be fake since everybody knows newborn mothers get discharged in wheelchairs.

Like what are the odds the wheelchair got cropped out of the photo? Probably about the same as the odds that this photo wasn’t actually taken as Briana was leaving the hospital at all, right?


The speculation only got worse when Louis started taking pictures with Freddie.

Meet my little lad, Freddie 👶

A photo posted by Louis Tomlinson (@louist91) on

Lad and Dad

A photo posted by Louis Tomlinson (@louist91) on

For one, these picture are in black and white while most of Tomlinson’s feed is in screaming color.

We’ve heard fatherhood changes a guy, but how could it change a guy this much?

Maybe if that guy was trying to pass off photoshopped images as the real thing. Allegedly, these two aren’t even touching each other here: 


Which may have been because this is how that picture was created:


And while we’re asking questions, why does the baby always have his eyes closed? And why are all the pictures of him being taken from side angles?

And more importantly, what about all the missing tattoos?

And that’s when people noticed one tattoo that wasn’t missing:


See that half of a heart that Harry has on his chest there?

See this maybe birthmark,maybe tattoo that somebody revealed/created on Louis’s chest?



Basically if you’re not convinced by now that baby Freddie is either a fake child or a latex baby well, well, honestly we forgive you because your head probably hurts too much to think anything besides, “Wow, some people have A LOT of time on their hands.”

Wonder what they’ll make of this head-on, eyes open, colorized photo of baby Freddie that Louis shared 18 hours ago. 


A photo posted by Louis Tomlinson (@louist91) on

The truth is out there, people.

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