Lorelei Marcell Delivers “I Will Always Love Your Ghost”: A Reminder That the Emotional Connection Can Persist Beyond Time

Lorelei Marcell‘s hauntingly beautiful new track, “i will always love your ghost,” is a poetic exploration of love, memory, and the lingering presence of someone who has left a deep imprint on one’s heart.

With ethereal lyrics and a mesmerizing melody, Marcell creates an emotional landscape that shines through its ability to evoke vivid imagery and intense feelings. It’s a song about discussing grief, as she herself pointed out:

“I wrote this song about losing love but finding solace in their memory. Losing the right person at the wrong time sticks to you, and is difficult because you know how good it could be. There’s a part of you that’ll miss that person forever, even if you move on and start over. (…) That’s why I wanted this song to be peaceful. I didn’t want it to carry any angst or grudge, instead having this soulful cathartic element of acceptance within grief, while knowing nothing can stop that person’s memory. Accepting that someone is gone, while still holding their memory close.”


Lines like “There’s no rest for your memory / Chained in painless reveries / I’ve tried on different love affairs / No one ever really fit, no / They don’t move me, not the way you do”, capture the complexity of longing and the juxtaposition of emotional attachment against the reality of separation.

Marcell’s voice carries a sense of vulnerability and intimacy that perfectly complements the theme of the song. Her delivery is filled with raw emotion as if each word is a brushstroke on the canvas of the heart. The chorus, with its repetition of “I will always, always love your ghost,” becomes a haunting refrain that lingers in the mind, much like the memories being described.

As a curious fact, the original version of “i will always love your ghost” was featured in the episode S18E06 of America’s Got Talent, the episode S18E09, and it will also be featured in an upcoming episode of Love Island US. To top it off, Simon Cowell posted about the song on his personal Instagram feed, in which he said: “This is one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in a very long time…”…. So, come on, THIS IS A BIG THING!

Growing up in Boston, Lorelei Marcell’s artistic journey took off with her 2019 single “Losing Myself”, with which she built anticipation for subsequent releases including “Eyes Closed” and “Billion Reasons.” Her self-titled debut EP in 2021 introduced her unique style, highlighted by tracks like “Perfect” and “Your Biggest Fan.” Critics and audiences alike were enamored by her ability to craft a musical journey that encompasses the highs and lows of the human experience.


Her artistic growth has been marked by personal experiences being her relocation to Los Angeles, a catalyst for her introspective EP, “Stranger”, infused with themes of self-acceptance and growth, that delves into the complexity of young adulthood and the challenges it brings.

Her musical trajectory is a testament to her ability to encapsulate the intensity of youth’s most exhilarating phase while crafting a timeless and relatable sound. 

“I will always love your ghost” is a reflection of the idea that love’s essence transcends physical boundaries. The concept of loving someone’s “ghost” encapsulates the notion that the emotional and spiritual connection can persist beyond the confines of time and space, so this track is a testament to Marcell’s lyrical and musical prowess, showcasing her ability to craft a deeply resonant piece of art that captures the intricate nuances of human emotions.Photo Credit: Shari Hoffman

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