Logan Henderson from Big Time Rush is back with a sexy new sound

You most likely know Logan Henderson from his time in the band and on the hit Nickelodeon Series, “Big Time Rush,” since BTR had most American preteen gals swooning.

But, Logan has since totally transformed his vibe and sound, and he is now releasing his own music. Logan’s debut solo album is officially out today, titled, “Echoes of Departure and the Endless Street of Dreams Pt. I” – the album is meant to reflect on his past and his dreams, and he wants to make sure it’s very truthful to who he is.

A second part of the album is going to be released later this year, so make sure to follow along with Logan and his socials for updates about the release.

We sit down with Logan to discuss the inspiration behind his new album, and what his favorite song is about. Check it out below!

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Tell us about your new album!

“Echoes of Departure and the Endless Street of Dreams Pt. I” is the first installment of stories that I’ve written for my project. In the beginning, I was just writing for myself and wasn’t sure if I would release anything at all.

I started making music that took me back to my roots, music that was truthful and resonated with me. It quickly became apparent that I needed to share it and put it out.

What’s the inspiration behind the album?

A lot of the inspiration came from the dreams I was having and the need to find closure with certain ideas, relationships, and aspects of my past. I had the best time making this album with my closest friends and only hit the studio when I felt like there was something I really wanted to write about and share.

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What is your favorite song on Part 1?  What is it about?

“Evergreen” is one of my favorite songs from Pt. I. It really shows a side of confidence/ freedom and vulnerability/insecurity from line to line that I think everyone goes through after a relationship. The song is written in a way that makes it very hard to be about any one thing.

I would love for the people listening to fashion their own ideas around it, but the main thing I want them to take away as a whole would be not all love is meant to last.  The love you shared with someone is different and special from anyone else and that idea is something for you to keep forever. A love so strong it changes the fibers of your being.

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