Why It’s Lit to Live in NYC in Your 20s

Okay, okay, New York is not going to be a great fit for everyone.

But it has stolen my heart and will be my home for as long as possible. Still, I can admit it is not always easy. It is a hectic and fast paced city which can be a blessing a or curse.

Either way, though, you will leave stronger than you came. So here are my personal reasons why everyone should live in a place like New York City in their 20s, at least for a hot minute.

1. Love Life

Being single in New York is probably one of the best decisions you can make in your life. Tinder and Bumble are too lit. Which means you can have dinner with a new person every night if you wanted. Or if you’re just looking to find a sugar daddy, or make out with models in a club rather than anything serious, this is the place to do it.

2. Nightlife

I’ve been to some ridiculous clubs and bars. Le Bain above the Standard hotel on Tuesday night has gay night with full drag, and that’s just a casual night. Have you ever heard of The Box? If not google it, it gets real weird. New York is also the place that you can walk into a bar and get a drink alone, and it’s TOTALLY fine. Also did I mention the bars are open until 4? For most, like myself, this is a foreign thought. If clubs are not your scene, you can still find areas in meatpacking district, lower east side and Brooklyn that are normal bars, speakeasies and beautiful rooftops.

3. Promoters

Promoters deserve their own section. They are the guys that are going to get you into the clubs every night of the week, at some of the most popular spots, and even for dinners before. Disclaimer: most of the promoters are models and ex-models. BUT DON’T CAVE IN. These boys are cute but they are fuckboys. Don’t hook up with them or else you might lose your in for the clubs.

4. Music

New York is always popping for the music industry. Every major artist, and small will make a stop in the city. Keep the promoters around for this reason as well, if a major DJ plays or rapper in the club they can get you in. Which is how I ended up hooking up with a famous rapper, and had other rappers try and wife me up.

5. Celebrities

Whether this is your thing or not, famous people are always around the city. I once saw Tina Fey walking around the Upper West side. We made eye contact and I died inside. You also are able to channel your inner gossip girl if you want to feel the fame side yourself.

6. Job Opportunities

Oh yeah, if you want to live here, you’re gonna have to have some cash. Luckily, this is where New York is the best for your 20s and career path. For instance, I came to New York originally for an internship in the music industry, and now you are reading this article I wrote for Galore.  You never know where the city will take you.

7. Public Transportation

It’s not a day on the subway unless you see a penis. Don’t let this scare you, at some point you won’t even notice. Mainly because public transportation in New York changed my life and most likely changes yours as well. I stopped having to worry about uber surges and drinking and driving. For $116 a month (for now…) you have an unlimited MetroCard. This is one of the reasons that I am choosing New York over LA.

8. Food

Okay I feel this doesn’t need very much explanation. New York is known for its cuisine. It has more 24 hour restaurants than you can believe, and food delivery at the snap of your fingers. You can satisfy any food craving at any hour of the day. The list of amazing food I’ve had in the city could go on and on. This is where the 10,000 steps a day that can be easily reached in New York really pays off as well. Because you can easily gain a city 17.

9. People

New York is place where I never knew if any of my friends were 19 or 30, nor did it matter. Everyone is able to drink with a shitty ID and hustling their asses off, meaning age was never the topic of conversation. Also everyone is busy to care about the minimal details people nitpick in other major cities. Whether it be the way you dress, your sexuality, literally no one gives a fuck.

New York is one of those places that you might stay for the rest of their lives of just three months, but you will leave with stories that you never would have imagined to have. It’s a place where you are pushed outside of your comfort zone, and that is really what is needed for growth. Making it the perfect choice for your 20s.

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