Lingerie Designer Gabby Epstein’s Tips For A Tight And Toned Summer Bod

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Not only has Gabby Epstein designed and modeled for her own travel inspired lingerie brand “Gabrielle Grace,” but she’s truly living the dream, traveling to tropical beaches and photographing her designs through beautiful oceanside shots.

The long-legged beauty also has an impressive yet fun fitness routine, considering the lack of stability in the day to day life of a jet setter. In the Q+A below, Gabby reveals all her secrets to how she keeps her bod tight and toned through the season of festivals, vacations, and bottomless brunches!

What is your diet philosophy?

I try and follow the 80/20 rule, which is my approach to maintaining a healthy lifestyle rather than a diet philosophy. It’s pretty simple, I try and eat well 80% of the time, and then 20% of the time I let myself enjoy a bit of indulgence. It isn’t about counting calories, denying myself certain foods or cutting out entire food groups, and allows me to enjoy life without feeling guilty about breaking my “diet.”

How do you stay healthy and glowing during festival season?

I stay hydrated! I drink so much water usually and I definitely notice the difference in my skin and appearance when I’m dehydrated. Also, I don’t really drink very often, but if I do I never drink on an empty stomach. I always try and eat something nutritious before a festival, as food will slow down the absorption of alcohol into your bloodstream. Preparation is key! I always make sure I pack healthy snacks to avoid being tempted by high fat foods such as pizza and hot chips. I also take a good-quality multivitamin daily. It’s a great way to replenish your body of essential vitamins and minerals and to protect your general health.

What is your workout routine like?

I travel so much that I don’t have a set workout routine, but when I’m at home I usually mix up my training with running, reformer Pilates, boxing, and yoga. When I’m away I have 20-30 minute circuit programs that I can do in my hotel room or at a park if I don’t have time to get to a gym – a short workout is always better than no workout at all.

How do you stay fit on vacation?

I try and set aside at least 45 minutes to an hour a day for some form of physical activity. I also try and work physical activities into the itinerary – paddle boarding, surfing, hiking, and swimming are fun activities that will definitely help you keep fit! I also try and eat as healthy as I can on vacation and avoid consuming sugar, processed foods, alcohol and simple carbohydrates. No matter where you are there should be some kind of fresh high-protein, high-fiber food available.

What snacks do you bring to the beach?

If I’m spending the whole day at the beach with friends we always make sure we pack an esky full of coconut water, fresh fruit, nuts and organic popcorn.

What is your favorite way to detox after an indulgent night?

Staying hydrated is my number 1 tip! Water also helps to flush out all the toxins in your system, especially with a bit of freshly squeezed lemon it. Coconut water and green tea are great for detoxing as well.

What is one fad diet you think is total B.S.?

Cutting out whole food groups to lose weight. Healthy eating is all about balance, and your body needs a mix of proteins, healthy fats, fruits, vegetables and complex carbohydrates to function and work to its full potential. I think any diet that cuts out a whole food group is dangerous and can’t be sustainable long-term. Eating healthy, nutritious food and exercising regularly is the best diet for a healthy lifestyle.

What are some of your favorite places to shop for athletic wear?

I love to shop at Australian online store Stylerunner; they have such a great mix of sportswear, sneakers and accessories! I love to shop Australian stores whenever I can. I’m also currently obsessed with P.E NATION and LNDR active wear for casual, everyday wear.

Any tips for taking the best bikini shot ever?

There are definitely tips and tricks to taking a good bikini photo – shooting a photo from above or from a higher angle will make you look smaller on your bottom half. Also, standing with good posture and on your toes will elongate your body. Try to avoid shooting in direct overhead sunlight as it isn’t that flattering of lighting on anybody. But as far as poses go, I believe whatever feels most natural and comfortable is most flattering, and a smile goes a long way!

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