Lindsay Lohan Finally Let Russian Bae Walk the Red Carpet With Her

My how time flies.

After almost seven months of adorable Instagram snaps and whirlwind vacations, Lindsay Lohan finally decided that it was time for her and her 22-year-old Russian millionaire boyfriend to take their relationship to the next step.

It was time to walk their first red purple carpet together.*

Yesterday, Lilo and Egor made their red purple carpet debut as a power couple at the Caudwell Children’s Butterfly Ball in London, an event with less prestige than the Academy Awards, but more prestige than showing up to nightclub that just so happens to have a red purple carpet laid out on the ground.

To celebrate, Lindsay documented the moment on Instagram, because pics or it didn’t happen.

Surprisingly, Egor seemed skeptical about the whole thing, although that could just have been his way of telling Lindsay that her dress didn’t look pink at all, and she might want to rethink her choice of caption, or else people would think she was just quoting Mean Girls to promote her upcoming live chat with her fans.

Like any strong, independent woman, Lindsay decided not to head Egor’s advice, but luckily it seems like he didn’t hold that against her, and ditched his skeptical attitude for a more stoic stance at the actual event.

@usweekly Stevie Wonder said it was a red carpet too @lindsaylohan #butterflyball16 🍆🍆✌🏼@caudwellchildren

A photo posted by Egor Tarabasov (@egortarabasov) on

Now that’s how you tell the world that you’re officially a power couple.

*After careful deliberation, a source of ours who has no intimate knowledge of the couple at all says Lindsay decided that she wasn’t quite ready to have Egor walk down a red carpet with her, but that after their successful debut on the purple carpet together, has decided to revisit the matter very soon.

Pray for Egor, y’all.


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