Lindsay Lohan Got Pissed Off at Russian Bae & Threw His Phone in the Sea

Like all couples who spend too much time with each other on vacation, Lindsay Lohan and her Russian bae got into a fight over the weekend.

Only since the fight was in Mykonos, instead of just yelling at each other until they both fell asleep without sex, Lindsay allegedly ended up throwing his phone into the sea.


“Everything was fine between them before something on Egor’s phone upset Lindsay,” an unidentified onlooker told The Sun, “they then started shouting and screaming at each other. Lindsay threw his phone in the sea, she looked absolutely furious.”

You know who also looked absolutely furious?

Lindsay’s newly phone-less bae.

So he did what any pissed off guy would get back at girlfriend would do. He threw a drink on her.

We imagine it looked something like this.


From there, things escalated quickly.

“The security at the beach club had to pull them apart,” the same onlooker recalls, adding that, “Lindsay left in the car while Egor went back to the party.”

Of course, Lindsay’s PR department is saying the fight wasn’t a big deal at all, but that didn’t stop Lindsay from seemingly addressing the situation on Instagram.

“Falling in love is exhausting…Especially when you’re the older woman and have already seen it all #love is the most important thing at the end of the day #serenity”

You know what?

Come to think of it, Lindsay did look pretty exhausted in all the pictures taken that night before the fight.

But, whatever did or didn’t happen, we’re happy to report that everything appears to be fine between the happy couple again.


A photo posted by Lindsay Lohan (@lindsaylohan) on

Word of advice though, guys?

Maybe spend a week where you two don’t go on vacation and hang out with each other non-stop.

Just think about it.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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