Lily-Rose Depp Rocks a Menswear Suit Like the French Hottie She Is

Pretty much everything Lily-Rose Depp wears is perfection — if you don’t believe us, check our her prom dress — so it’s hardly surprising her all Chanel suit yesterday looked effortlessly chic.

But on the other hand, it is surprising, because wearing suits can be tricky.

While men wear suits all the time and the press is so bored they can’t even be bothered to ask dudes who they’re wearing, when women do it, it’s almost always seen as a political statement.

Granted, sometimes it is, but sometimes it’s just fashion.

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Maybe it’s because Lily-Rose Depp was in Paris, or maybe it’s just because Lily-Rose Depp is the chicest teen alive, or maybe it’s because she’s half French. But she was positively dripping in that je ne sais quoi spirit.

Thank you Merci #cesars dîner des révélations 💃

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Honestly, if any celebrity should have a lifestyle app, it’s this hip teen.

No lie, if they sold essence of Lily-Rose Depp in a bottle, I’d buy it in bulk and drink it everyday with my coffee.

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If you want to be the most DGAF girl at your next dressy occasion, here’s how you can copy Lily-Rose Depp’s chic French hottie look.


Fitted Tailored Suit Blazer, $43.20, Missguided


Premium Crepe Wide Leg Pants, $54, Missguided


White Ruffle Neck Shirt, $39.60, Missguided


ASOS Slim Tie in Black, $9.02


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Religion Christmas Tuxedo Trousers in Sequin, $102.22, ASOS

[H/T Vogue]

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