Lily-Rose Depp Looked Like A Goddess At Prom By Avoiding These Major Mistakes

With multiple Chanel campaigns under her belt, Lily-Rose Depp isn’t your average teenager, but that doesn’t mean she’s going to stop doing average teenager things like going to prom.

Only instead of achieving the standard level of pretty-good-but-not-quite-there look that most of us achieve on our prom nights, Lily-Rose Depp managed to look like a petite goddess.

And do you wanna know why Lily-Rose Depp looked like a petite goddess? Because she avoided 5 mistakes that most regular teens routinely fall into.

#1 – She avoided looking like this was her first time getting her makeup done. In fact, she’s barely wearing any makeup at all, a feat most of us would never dare in high school.

#2 – She didn’t wear her hair in an elaborate up-do that she would have had to worry about all night. She also didn’t insist on perming her hair into tight, ringlet curls that would inevitably wilt as soon as she stepped onto the dance floor.

#3 – She said, “I’d rather not” to wearing a tacky corsage that only kind of went with her dress.

#4 – She wore a dress that was neither so shiny it caught the light of every flash nor so short and frilly that even the least bootylicious person in the world’s ass inevitably pops out of.

#5 – She avoided the fatal mistake of thinking prom is about the date you bring with you instead of just looking hot and having fun with your friends for one of the last times ever.

How we wish we had your wisdom when we were 17, Lily-Rose.


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