Leyna Bloom is liberated af for NYC Pride

Leyna Bloom slays all day.

In honor of pride month, the model took some killer photos with Nicola D’Orazio in front of the Stonewall Inn to remember those who fought for the LGBTQ community before her.

She regards going to Chicago Pride as a teen as one of her fondest memories of a time where she really felt “liberated.”

“It was something I shared with my LGBTQ brothers and sisters – being proud and free to express myself among them,” she said, “something which in 1969 I would have been arrested for!”

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Although she’s happy to see how far we’ve come since the demonstration at Stonewall, she knows that there’s still a long way to go.

“I want to bring awareness to the plight of LGBTQ people, [to] the murders and to the suicides of the younger generation, simply because of the hatred that exists because of who they are,” Leyna, who’s transgender herself, says. “It has to end and they must not be forgotten.”

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Check out this dope photo series where Leyna rocks a sequined mini and multiple wigs – you just might lose yours by the end of it.

Makeup by Kara Young

Photos by Nicola D’Orazio

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