Lexie Jiaras is bringing you the vintage shop of your dreams

If you’ve been scouring thrift stores for the perfect Levis or looking on Poshmark for Harley Davidson tees, Lexie Jiaras is bringing you the vintage shop of your dreams. Lexie definitely has the ropes figured out for online retailing and curates her shop, twenty6times, by picking out individual pieces inspired by her personal style. The super unique items she finds can totally make an outfit and give you those vintage summer in LA feels.

On top of running her own shop, she uses her creative eye and cool girl vibes to work in the music industry — plus helping us put on Girl Cult. No wonder she’s running things.

Lexie and I talked vintage fashion, being your own boss, and Girl Cult – check it out below with some pics!

How did twenty6times begin?

I began selling items from my closet I hadn’t worn for over a year on my Poshmark. After gaining a bit of a following I had an “aha!” moment and realized I could make a legitimate business out of selling clothes online!

What was the inspiration for the shop name?

For about a year my shop was called “lexiejayy vintage.” I’ve always dropped new vintage once a month… but it was never organized! My birthday is on the 26th so I went with that date to become consistent with my drops, and decided to carry that into the new name “twenty6times”.

Who are some of your fave style icons??

Gwen Stefani, Brigitte Bardot, Lily-Rose Depp, my mama and all my best friends!

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Are there any boss business women who have given u advice on running your own shop or retailers who you look up to?

My background is in live music. I’ve been lucky enough to have worked for some ridiculously badass ladies. They taught me to have figure-it-out-ness, and how to work 12+ hour days without complaining! Those lessons have given me an attitude I carry with me in all aspects of my work.

As far as retailers I look up to, I really love what Alexandra Spencer has done with Realisation Par. She saw a hole in the market, created something beautiful she loves, and is killing it with marketing! Super inspiring.

What style influences do you take when curating your shop?

For my vintage T-shirts and jackets, I try not to be influenced by the market. I stick to my gut and get stuff I personally love and know is quality.

For my accessories I pay tonssss of attention to trends. My sunglass and jewelry inventory is always changing!

I love pairing classic pieces with trendy accessories… which definitely reflects in my shop inventory.

What’s your favorite going out look?

Vintage tee tied up, mini skirt, leather boots! Lately I’ve been wearing my Greek fisherman’s cap tons when going out… I’ve had it since the seventh grade, it never gets old.

What are some beauty products that you can’t travel without?

Vitamin C Serum!!! Lavender Dr. Brommers Soap. Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer.

How do you plan to expand twenty6times?  

I plan on bringing accessories to the shop! They’re currently being sold only on my Poshmark. I also would love to start selling brand new items in addition to my vintage.

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With Depop/Poshmark so many options for starting a business selling clothes, how do you see retail changing?

I think it will continue to head more in the direction of ecommerce. I imagine in 20+ years retail spaces will mostly be used for marketing (aka places for fans of the brand to go and take cute pics for the gram).

Where do you find merchandise and how do you decide what’s going to be popular (are you more interested in trends or do you curate based on what you’re into at the moment)?

Everywhere!!! Flea markets, swap meets, friend’s closets. I try not to pay too much attention to trends, and just stick to rad timeless vintage.

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What’s your daily morning routine?

Take my schnoodle Monty for a walk, do yoga, then get to emailing. I always try to have a little “me” time before diving into the work day.

Are there any other projects you’re working on?

Girl Cult with Galore! My production company, Friends, is co-promoting the project. It’s going to be f*cking epic.

What are you most excited about for Girl Cult??!!! 🙂 

I’m stupid excited to hear Kimora’s talk about being a badass business mogul. I’ve always looked up to her and think she’s SO dope… but usually we just get the “life in the fab lane” Kimora, I’m excited to take notes on business from the queen!

Photos by Madeline Macartney


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