Lex Is Out-Of-This-World Chic In Her New Music Video, ‘My Way’

Lex is performing her single, ‘My Way’ for the first time, at Shaggfest in Virgina Beach tomorrow.

“Everybody keeps saying, are you nervous?’ she tells me over the phone. “I’m like, I wasn’t until you said that!

The Illinois native didn’t expect to get into the music industry, but then again, the self-proclaimed alien believer is all about doing things her own way. Fitting, for a song called “My Way,” which she focused on making exactly her way.

“We wanted to take it a step further than just the average music video look, and make it something really my own,” she says. “A lot of the things I do are really fashion-based, and I’m very into aliens and outer space, so I tried to create visuals that would reflect that.”

Why does she love aliens so much? I ask.

“When I was younger, I had a few experiences where they’d visit me, and we’d talk.”

For some reason, when she says it, she doesn’t sound crazy.

“But also, when I moved to Los Angeles, I also just felt very different from everyone else, and everyone was just like, you’re weird. So that kind of stuck. And it’s not like on a day to day basis that I’m dressing like that, but more that it’s kind of the visual I’m interested in creating.”

After her debut performance, Lex says she’s excited to focus on her EP. After you see the music video for ‘My Way,’ you’ll be excited for her EP as well. Check it out below.

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