Let This Victoria’s Secret Model Tell You the Difference Between Her Job & Sexting

Ladies, meet Leomie Anderson.

Leomie is British, 23 years old, and models for various companies including Victoria’s Secret. 

This week she wrote an open letter on her blog about the difference between what she does for a living and sexting because apparently some people were confused about that.

In her letter, which was aimed at her younger fans, she stressed that the difference was very simple: it all came down to consent.

“As a model, consent to sharing my image and having it taken is a big part of my job and at 23 I am grown and have my own voice and will always vocalise if I don’t want to do something or don’t feel comfortable on a shoot…When you’re at school, you don’t have that. You feel like you’re grown enough to deal with everything from experimenting with your makeup to experimenting with boys.”

She added that if you felt at all uncomfortable or pressured to do anything, like send sexy pics, you shouldn’t because you never know where those pictures are going to end up.

Sounds pretty clear, right?

Well, apparently some people were still confused by what she meant, like this Twitter user who called her a hypocrite.

So Leomie went on TV to make herself even clearer than she was before.

“I am a 23-year-old woman and these children are all under age. They may see my images out there but they need to understand I was asked beforehand whether I wanted to take part in the pictures. I knew where it was going and who would see it — there was full consent throughout the process. Whereas when children send pictures they don’t know what will happen and this is where the danger lies.”

Of course, if you’re grown and feel completely comfortable sending nudes and sexting, you should carry on with your bad self.

You just have to be okay with it — and the possible consequences — and so does the recipient.

Clear enough?

Good. We thought so too.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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