Leah Kate’s EP, “Alive & Unwell” is Full of Pop/Rock Anthems, and We’re Loving it!

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, chances are you’ve heard the song “10 Things I Hate About You” from artist Leah Kate, the LA native who is quickly making a name for herself writing pop/rock anthems that are catching on like fire. Leah Kate belongs in the Galore Girl cult and we’re excited to have her as our cover girl! Leah just kicked off her own European tour and released her EP Alive & Unwell- something we haven’t been able to stop streaming since its debut! With a hit single, European tour AND newly released EP we found time to catch up with the budding artist who is proving to be one to watch! 

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Congratulations on the new EP Alive and Unwell. Can you explain the inspiration for the name of the song and titled EP?

The inspiration for this EP came from me living out my best life and wildest dreams this year, while also hitting my lowest of lows at the same time. It’s supposed to be a reminder that life isn’t always going to be perfect. Shit is going to hit the fan, but everything happens for a reason. Alive and Unwell is really a reminder that, at the end of the day, everything will be okay.

 How does it feel to be kicking off your own Headlining European Tour?

It feels amazing, I can’t believe it! I just had opening night in Manchester, and it was the craziest night of my life. Everyone was screaming the lyrics. It was honestly a dream come true. I have been working so hard for this moment, so to see it come to life has been magical.

You recently opened for Madison Beer and Chase Atlantic – is there anything you learned from either while being on tour? 

Those were both the most insane experiences. Opening for Madison was a dream come true! She is absolutely amazing. I got really close with her and she was such a great mentor. She supported me so well. It was the perfect first experience as support on a tour. And the European fans were so fun, they knew all the lyrics and always brought the energy.

 Touring with Chase Atlantic was also such a cool experience. Those guys are so fun and such a great time. This tour was a bit different with the internet trolling that happened during it, but the experience definitely gave me thicker skin. It never happened while on tour with Madison, so it really hit me hard and I cried for a week when it first happened. I ended up clapping back, though, and owned the moment. It actually turned into a huge success. The tour was amazing, overall, though and there were so many supporting fans that I loved getting to perform.

Your breakout hit single “10 Things I Hate About You” has had massive success. What was the moment you realized that there was something special about this song? 

It’s been such a crazy ride! I can’t believe I wrote a song that blew up like that. Right after I wrote it, I knew it was something special. I could just tell. It takes a lot for me to love something I write, so when I finished “10 Things” and the feeling hit, it just connected. I knew I had to release it as soon as possible.

 Best advice for someone trying to get over a guy?

Just know that the universe is getting rid of the guy for a reason. Just know that one day you will be able to laugh about it and understand why he isn’t in your life. It might suck now, but there are so many fish in the sea and everything happens for a reason. There is someone better out there.

With over 1 million TikTok videos using your song, “10 Things I Hate About You” and counting, how much would you say TikTok plays into the success of a song for an artist in 2022?

It plays a massive role these days. Tiktok is a great platform for breaking new artists because it helps put songs in front of the people that want to hear it. It’s such a crazy, crazy platform that can be toxic at times, but at the same time can really make someone’s career take off. I’m forever grateful for the momentum it gave the song.

Describe yourself in four words. 

Persistent, Hard Working, “Don’t Give a Fuck,” Honest

Best advice you’ve ever received from someone in the music industry?

Keep going, never take no for an answer. Do what you need to do and don’t be afraid. If you never try, you’ll never know!

Tell us what we can expect to see from you on tour? Any surprises pulled up your sleeve?

It’s my first headline tour, I’m so excited! I have new music out, so I can’t wait to perform it to the fans. I have a whole new stage set up with some really fun elements too. As for the surprises, you’ll just have to come to find out!


Talent: Leah Kate

Photographer: Paris Mumpower

Stylist: Tabitha Sanchez

Makeup Artist: Alaina B.

Hair Artist: Mel Dominguez

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