This Late Night Host Is So Creepy to Female Celebs

I’m one of those people who loves late night talk shows.

They’re cheesy, filled with Dad jokes, and they make me excited to become the middle-aged woman I’m destined to become.

But there’s always been one late night talk show host I’ve never been able to stand: David Letterman.

If you never had a chance to catch David Letterman while his show was still on the air, consider yourself lucky.

He was rude, dismissive, and above all, he was an utter creep towards female celebs.

Before he retired, the now defunct Gawker put together a supercut of David being creepy towards 37 different female celebs, saying things like, “when you hugged me like that I think my carrot moved,” and “are you wearing anything on under that?”

And here’s a bonus video of David Letterman being creepy towards Selena Gomez.

“Whew – wow, that’s almost an outfit you’re wearing,” David remarked.

“You always do that when I come on,” Selena replied.

“I’m so sorry, but good heavens and hello.”

Of course, David Letterman isn’t the only late night talk show host to ever be a total creep towards their female celeb guests, but I’d be surprised if that wasn’t who Amy Schumer told Bill Hader to channel in her hilarious “Celebrity Interview sketch.”

Boy, bye.

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