Lack Of Color is the go-to brand for hats that you will actually wear

The Australian-based hat brand, Lack of Color, has been adored by celebrities, Instagram girls, and young women in general since the beginning of the brand’s conception. 


Because their hats are just. that. good.

Combining effortless style with true quality, the Lack of Color hats are a favorite around the world, even in my own closet. The hats are timeless yet trendy, and they really pull a look together and make it complete.

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Lack of Color has just launched their SS19 collection, dubbed, “Sunbathing in Arizona” – the hats are stylish, wearable on the daily, and super vacation-friendly. Honestly, it’s one of their best collections yet.

“Embracing the simplicity and power of neutral hues across a variety of designs and fabrics, the ‘Sunbathing in Arizona’ collection explores fresh styles in the form of the canvas cotton bucket hat and the all-new woven leather visors & baker boy caps,” says Lack of Color.

The collection features straw hats handwoven by artisans in Mexico, wool hats elegantly complimented by vintage 60s ribbon and, of course, Lack of Color’s signature handwoven Panama hat.

The brand is worn by tons of celebrities and it’s obvious why – they make a look. Lack of Color is now widely known, and we were lucky enough to speak to one of the founders about the brand’s growth, celeb moments, what’s to come, and so much more!

Check out the lookbook photos and exclusive interview below!

Did you ever think that when you started Lack Of Color that it would be this big?

We always hoped and dreamed it would be this big, but I don’t think you ever expect anything. It goes to show if you work really hard and channel positive creative energy out into the universe, things will start to pay off!

How did you first start the company?

Rob and I started the company together back in 2011. We used $4,000 of our own money and have never had any investors or third party funding from anyone, it’s always been a self-funded venture.

How is LOC different from other hat brands out there?

We have always strived to establish a lifestyle and community behind the brand – “Oh, here’s a cool hat, but how can I wear it and style it with my wardrobe?” We love to bring the brand to life through our photoshoots and imagery and evoke feeling, lifestyle and inspiration behind the brand – not just someone who is selling a product to a consumer.

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We’ve always wanted to make our hats the best possible quality, for a competitive price, so that everyone can enjoy them. I feel like some hat brands are priced out of the market, we try to offer our customers the best of both worlds when it comes to offering a great quality product that is also affordable.

Who is the LOC girl?

The Lack of Color girl is bold yet quietly confident. An LOC hat becomes an extension of her style – an addition to her look that is both distinctive and understated. She’s effortlessly cool and can be anyone. From your beach bum living on the coast to your desert girl road tripping around the country. From the snow to the races, our hats are really are so versatile.

Favorite celeb LOC moment?

That’s what we love about LOC so much. Our girl can incorporate their LOC hat into their everyday wardrobe whether they’re going to the beach or hanging out at a picnic.

We also love that celebrities and influencers love our hats so much. This helps make them accessible for everyone. For me the biggest ‘pinch me’ moment has probably been Rihanna wearing our Velveteen cap, which happened a few months ago.

Top 3 tips for a female entrepreneur!

Work extremely hard + never give up

It’s ok to make mistakes, learn from them

Success doesn’t happen overnight, work hard, be humble and success will come

Favorite LOC hat you guys have ever made?

Oooo that’s a tricky one. I think it would have to be the Lolita, it’s just so beautiful with its vintage ribbon and glistens in the sunshine.

What can you tell us about the newest collection of hats? What inspired it?

Our newest collection is inspired by where we live, on the Gold Coast of Australia. I wanted to take my love of the ocean and desert heat (we shot our campaign in Arizona) and create a collection that speaks directly to the spirit of life lived outdoors. I love that both settings scream summer to me, although they’re quite different – they’re similar and include an enjoyment of everything nature has to offer.

What else can we expect from LOC in the new year?

We have lots of exciting things on the horizon. Rob and I (the founders of LOC) will be launching our new clothing brand, under another name in 2019. Stay tuned.

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