Kylie Just Bought Her Third & Most Insane House Yet

In today’s real estate news, Kylie Jenner just bought herself a $12 million mansion, which is weird because Kylie already has a house. In fact, she already has two that are literally located right next to each other.

The first one, which she bought in May and is still in the process of renovating, cost $6 million, an the second, which she bought in June to house her growing makeup empire, cost $4.5 million. Obviously, the question isn’t whether she needs a third house, but why she bought it.

Her third house, which Trulia reports spans 13,200 square feet and has 8 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a home theatre, a spa room and a pool, is bigger than anything Kylie’s bought in the past, but it’s also located in the same exact neighborhood as her other two houses, which is weird, right?

Why would any one person possibly need three houses in the same neighborhood, unless that person was a Mormon with three sister wives?

The best explanation we can think of is that Kylie bought the new house for Tyga as a “sorry I have to testify against you in court” present.

Can’t wait for Kylie to explain this one on Snapchat.

[H/T Trulia]

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