Cool, Kylie Jenner Is Referring To Tyga As Her Husband Now

Even though Kylie Jenner and Tyga have yet to come out and confirm that they’re officially boyfriend and girlfriend again, seeing as she’s started referring to him as “her husband,” we’re pretty sure it’s a done deal.

On Wednesday while Kylie and her BFF Jordyn Woods were figuring out which fake nails they wanted to glue onto their fingers for the day, Kylie took a second to admire two Egyptian-themed nails and casually remark, “This reminds me of my husband.”

Although she didn’t go so far as to call out Tyga by name, seeing his clothing line is full of clothes and jewelry depicting Egyptian pharos, and he named his son King Cairo, it’s a safe assumption that’s who Kylie’s talking about.


The logo for Tyga’s clothing line


The nail art Kylie Jenner was considering

See the similarity?

Cool, us too.

While Kylie’s obviously joking, we can’t help but think of how crazy the ratings would be if Rob and Blac Chyna’s wedding turned into a double one.

Just saying, Mama Kris, it would definitely be worth your while to at least consider it.

[H/T E!]

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