Kylie Jenner Just Proved She Has the Most Sane Approach to Online Bullying

It seems like a day can’t go by without a rich, gorgeous, and famous person ~*clapping back at trolls*~ online.

Sometimes, it can be really empowering. But do you ever wish once in a while that celebs would realize that the people who call them names on Instagram are all losers who live in their mom’s basement? It’s like, of course no one wants to read nasty opinions about themselves all day, but consider the source. If someone has enough time in their day to comment shitty things online, they’re probably not worth listening to.

Basically, if your biggest problem in the world is a stranger’s negative opinion, you’re probably living a pretty good life.

In a new interview, Kylie Jenner proved that unlike most celebrities, she has a pretty sane approach to people saying nasty things about her on social media.

In her talk with Adweek, she had this to say about how she deals with negativity online:

Honestly, I feel like at this point I’ve gotten so numb to it. I still do my thing and people still love me and my lip kits are still selling out and 10,000 people still come to my appearances, so I don’t think it’s about the negative comments, it’s about turning it around and being able to come out on top. I feel like the more people who love you, there’s going to be more people who hate you. It doesn’t really affect me.

Yas, Kylie! Yaasssss! Way to look on the bright side.

Kylie also acknowledges that online bullying is NBD in the grand scheme of things with #IAmMoreThan, a project of hers that highlights people who are making the best of life despite disability, illness, or other hardships. Here’s what she had to say about that:

Just being a young socialite on the internet, it comes with a lot of bullying and a lot of different opinions that have affected me throughout the years. So I just kind of turned to real people with real issues—way bigger issues than me—who are so positive. It just inspires me and I wanted to share it with my fans.

Go, Kylie, go.

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