Kylie Jenner’s Instagram used to be artsy af

Years before Kylie Jenner went into the family business of being a glamour girl, she was just another teenage artsy girl.

We all know the type, right?

Artsy girls live for movies like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, will talk to you for hours about why their favorite artists are the most genius being to walk the earth, and are fairly certain that they alone are the deepest person in the universe.

Consequently, one of the number one things an artsy girl cares about is earnestly showing the rest of the world how cool, deep, and unlike the rest of the normals they are. And one of the biggest ways they’ll prove their case is by taking photos that showcase their originality.

At some point, usually while we’re still young and just getting used to having complex feelings, we’ve all been artsy girls. And for Kylie, her artsy girl period was between 2012 and 2014.

Here are some of her finest creations from that time.

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This picture checks off all the hallmarks of an artsy girl pic.

Cryptic, slightly emo text? Check.
Moody looking picture that looks like it was taken on actual film? Check.
Handwritten text that shows the world how much you care? Check.

Kylie really outdid herself here.


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Picasso wasn’t the only one who had a blue period.

We Were Born To Die 💔

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The only thing artsy girls love more than apps that make it look like they took their photos on a special camera is captioning black and white photos with the kind of deep, profound truths they’ve learned through their favorite songs.

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Should she stop? Should she go? Should she slow down?

Kylie wants you to know this is what she’s stuck contemplating right now.

last time calling me baby – last time calling me crazy

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Clearly, Kylie’s trying to say she’s about to become a shadow to whatever fuckboy broke her heart too many times. Look, the colors and details are already fading!

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Yeah, this photo just looks cool.

Sometimes it doesn’t need to be any deeper than that.

round 2

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Artsy girls love taking photos where you can’t really tell what’s going on from extreme angles and then giving them ambiguous captions.

goodbye sun

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This isn’t a regular selfie. It’s a deep selfie.

Slept in dads sweater last night ☺🌞

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Another thing artsy girls love is taking a picture where you can only see part of their face.

there’s nothing more calming to me than a quiet car ride at night with the people you love ☾

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Artsy girls love taking pictures of landscapes and they love taking pictures where they manipulate light exposures.


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This was probably her Myspace profile pic at one point.

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Every artsy girl needs to take a picture of herself wearing John Lennon sunglasses to prove she’s really serious about her craft.

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And here’s a deep statement about the rotten state of our educational system.

Here’s a picture of a neon sign, which continues to be an artsy girl Instagram staple to this very day.

Get it?

Because the relationship she’s talking about is passing her by just like this landscape outside her window is.

So deep.

All my friends ask me why I stay strong Tell ’em when you find true love it lives on

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Gotta love that black and white sky porn.

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Khloe looks beautiful, but also like she’s living in a dark and twisted fantasy.

wait for me

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Leave it to an artsy girl to caption a photo of their feet/shoes with something deep.

I mean you could hold me down but I’m not to hold

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Full disclosure, I can’t even rationally talk about this picture, because it’s so good that every time I look at it I just die.

This 10/10 looks like something an artsy girl would take in their first photography class and be so (rightly) proud of themselves that they’d hang it up on their bedroom wall.

The cryptic caption, the extreme angle, the skull ring and the black nails juxtaposed with sheer white fabric…it doesn’t get much more meaningful than this.

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