Kylie Jenner Shows Us a New Way to Show Skin at Formal Events

What do you get when you take a ruffly purple ballgown, crop it, cut out the sides from the panty line to right below the knee, and leave a loincloth-like strip hanging down the middle?

Answer: a new way to show skin at formal events and coincidentally, Kylie Jenner’s latest party dress.


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Kylie Jenner has already had a busy year so far showing off new ways to look thotty in public, and last night Kylie wore a very special Balmain dress to this award show Marie Claire’s trying to make happen which awards the “behind-the-scenes superstars who created red carpet looks that ricochet across social media.”

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Even though Balmain’s head designer Olivier Rousteing could hardly be described as a behind-the-scenes kind of guy, he won the “Icon Designer” award, which means he got to invite and dress a whole bunch of celebrities.

Which brings us to Kylie.

Olivier put Kylie in one of his 2017 resort gowns and the result is mystifying.

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Details 💜 @balmain

A video posted by Kylie (@kyliejenner) on

Fingers crossed cut-out thigh dresses don’t become another trend the Kardashians help make happen.

The world just isn’t ready for this.

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