Kylie announced her baby name and it’s surprising

Kylie Jenner seemingly announced her baby’s name on Instagram today and it’s not “Posie” a.k.a. “Mariposa” a.k.a. the Spanish word for butterfly, like so much of the internet (us included) thought.

No, it’s not Posie. It’s Stormi.

Stormi, like Stormy Daniels, the adult film actress Donald Trump has been accused of having an affair with.

Literally, WHAT?

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Kylie announced the name in an Instagram caption with a little baby angel emoji next to it. She didn’t flat out say, “My baby’s name is Stormi,” but it’s safe to say that’s what the caption means.

We always figured Kylie wasn’t a massive news hound, and this kind of seals the deal. Anyone who pays even the faintest hint of attention to the goings-on of the Trump administration would’ve run from the name Stormi like the wind. LOL get it? Wind? Ugh, god, sorry Stormi, you’re gonna have to deal with a lot of that.

It’s also surprising because unlike Kris, who bastardized the spellings of Chloé and Courtney to give her kids K-names, this new generation of Kardashian moms has shied away from cutesy misspellings.

Storm would’ve fit in better with the Kardashian names we’ve already seen, like North, Reign, Dream and Saint. The addition of the “i” on the end might just be a nickname for Storm. Honestly, we hope so, for the baby’s sake.

Oh, also, fun fact: Travis Scott’s name is Jacques Webster. (Why did he change it?!?!) So the baby’s name is Stormi Webster. Kind of sounds like a crime-fighting grammar aficionado. Welcome to the family, Stormi!

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