Oops, Kris Jenner Gives Away All Kim’s Furniture In New KUWTK Promo

Another day, another saga over at the Kardashian family compound.

In E!’s latest teaser trailer for KUWTK, Kim Kardashian gets pissed because Kris Jenner decided she was going to give all of Kim’s furniture to Rob, and she didn’t even think to tell her about it first.  


In the trailer, Kim goes over to Khloé’s house, and after Khloé tells Kim she looks like “a down ass bitch,” with a little laugh, Kim launches into the reason for her visit.

“Mom is so fucking annoying,” Kim sighs. “I walk in and my room is empty. All the furniture has been moved out.”

Momentarily speechless, Khloé asks, “What, why is your stuff out?

“Because she gave it to Rob. And I was like, ‘Um excuse me, are you gonna tell me that you’ve emptied out my room?’ And Kanye walks in and goes, ‘Okay, it’s very clear she wants us to leave.’”

In a voiceover, Kim reveals that she sees her Mama Kris’s point because, “we have lived with my Mom way too long, I totally get it, but I have six weeks left until we are gonna move into our house, and she pretty much kicked her daughter out of her room. She could have waited a few more weeks.”

Let’s look at this objectively for a second, okay? Kris kicking Kim and Kanye out of her house is one thing, but leaving little Nori practically homeless? Now that’s simply too much. 

And why did Kris do it? 

As Kim tells her sister, “She claims that was [Rob’s] furniture.”

“That’s not true,” Khloé replies, adding that her mother, “just lies and lies and lies. Own up. Like let’s just be honest about what you’re doing.”

Oooph. Just take a deep breath and walk away, Kimmy.  


[H/T E!

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