Kris Jenner Mocks Kim’s Marriage to Kris Humphries in New KUWTK Clip

Kris Jenner loves her kids, but she’s not a regular mom. She’s a boss mom. And whenever her kids start forgetting that, she takes their asses to the cleaners.

In a new KUWTK clip, Kim and Khloe decide to come for Kris over the fact that she’s still paying for Rob’s house even though he’s almost 30 and needs to grow the f*ck up already.

Obviously, Kris found their behavior unacceptable and proceeded to put them in their places like the DGAF queen she is. 

“No, all of you can f*ck off and go think of something else to talk about. I’ve seen you guys through so much shit that you do that I have to f*cking put up with.”

And then Kris turned to Kim and went in for the kill. “I’m married for 72 days, really? That was normal.”


This has actually not been a great month for Kim vis-a-vis Kris Humphries shaming. Don’t forget her husband Kanye West admitted recently that he bought his first cell phone for the sole purpose of mocking Kim for dating the gigantic basketball player.

So what’s the deal? Why’s everyone reminding Kim of her failed marriage (well, one of them) left and right? Let’s chalk this one up to Mercury retrograde and hope Kim can find the strength to pull through.

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