Budding Momager Kim K Planned Kylie & Blac Chyna’s Selfie

ICYMI, Kylie Jenner and Blac Chyna are best friends now/maybe always have been. Or, at least that’s what Kylie claimed on Snapchat yesterday.

While this makes just about zero sense, there is one explanation that makes all the sense in the world: Kim Kardashian stepped in to mediate the drama in a very similar way she did with Amber Rose after shit went down between Kanye and his ex on Twitter. 

It all started with a casual phone call. Kim called Blac Chyna several weeks ago to talk about what was really going down between her and Rob, and presumably how real/serious they were about getting engaged, according to TMZ. Blac Chyna obliged and the talk allegedly went well.

A few days later Kylie and Chyna talked on the phone, agreed to meet up yesterday for a bizarre face-swapping Snapchat session, and ostensibly end a war the media couldn’t stop obsessing over, TMZ says.

While “sources close to Blac Chyna” wouldn’t have been privy to any conversation that occurred between Kim and Kylie, we’re sure it went something like this:

KYLIE: But what are we going to do when we hang out?
KIM: You don’t have to hang out, you just have to take a selfie together.
KYLIE: Nobody will ever believe it though.
KIM: I’m telling you, they 100% will. People freaked out when Amber and I did it. They will eat this up.
KYLIE: Okay, well can I at least do it on Snapchat so I never have to look at it again?
KIM: Yeah, whatever. It’s probably a good idea that you not copy exactly what I did anyway. We really want people to buy this.   

And to think, some people say Kim’s not smart.

What would the world ever do without you, girl?

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