Kim, Khloé & Cara’s Nutritionist Just Revealed His Top Diet Tips

Remember when we learned Tom and Gisele’s personal chef won’t even feed them tomatoes?

Well today, there’s a new unattainable diet plan in town, and it comes courtesy of Kim and Khloé Kardashian’s nutritionist, Dr. Philip Goglia. He’s also worked for Cara Delevingne.

And while his diet plan is pretty stringent, it’s a walk in the park compared to Tom and Gisele’s.

“The goal is to reduce inflammation and look as lean as you can – with a great deal of energy,” he told People magazine. This is a common theme: Gisele’s chef also despises inflammation. So try not to get inflamed.

Okay, so what does Dr. Goglia make the Kardashians do? Here’s a rundown:

1. Don’t eat dairy

It’s cow phlegm! Get it out of your life! You’ll be way less gassy and your skin will look great. That’s what Khloé did and she lost 11 pounds in a month, why can’t you be more like Khloé?

2. Don’t eat yeast or gluten — or mold

Duh, no celebrities eat gluten or yeast. But Dr. Goglia kicks it up a notch. If you’re on his diet, MOLD is also forbidden. This is similar to Gisele’s trainer who went out of his way to tell us that FUNGUS is a big no-no. Celebrity diets: easier than we thought?

Did I mention this story ran in People’s “Great Ideas” section? Appropriate, since avoiding mold and fungus in your diet is definitely a great idea.

The one cool thing about Dr. Goglia’s diet, though, is despite his strict no-gluten rule, he doesn’t make celebs cut starches altogether. He won’t let them eat muffins, bagels, or sandwich bread. But they can eat “one-ingredient” starches: potatoes, rice, oatmeal, oat flakes or oat puffs. Bring on the oat flakes/puffs.

3. Only eat protein and vegetables at night

You aren’t supposed to eat carbs at night, Dr. Goglio says. I mean obviously… none of us want to eat carbs at night, but that has no effect on whether it actually happens.

Still, Dr. Goglia insists that you should stick to a bare-bones meal of protein and vegetables at dinnertime. Potatoes don’t count as vegetables in this case.

Oh, and like every celeb diet specialist since like the 1940s, he loves forcing people to eat salmon. What will celebs do if we ever run out of salmon?

4. Drink water

Oh, that’s right — they’ll drink water.

Water is the number one meal of celebs. Everyone from the A list on down loves it. They never stop talking about the stuff!

Dr. Goglio wants you to “consume at least half your body weight in ounces of water each day.” Hopefully you don’t also have a job, because you’ll never be able to 1. keep track of all the ounces without going nuts or 2. pee that many times per day without getting fired.

“Water does two things,” explains Goglia. “Firstly, it’s responsible for moving nutrients and toxins through your system, and then more importantly as it relates to your physique, it regulates temperature. If your water is low and you can’t regulate temperature patterns, then your body will start to store fat underneath your skin to act as insulation to control your temperature.”

Yeah… I’d like to see the receipts on that last part. But hey, you know what they say, if it’s published in People’s “Great Ideas” section, it has to be true.

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