A List Of Every Time Kim Kardashian’s Said She Wants To Be A Forensic Investigator

You could almost hear the sound of jaws dropping to the floor when Vogue Australia released an interview with Kim Kardashian West on May 8, 2016 in which she admits that in a world where she wasn’t famous, she’d probably be working as a forensic investigator.

But TBH, it’s not really that big of news because this is literally something she’s been saying since 2010.

In fact, Kim has expressed her backup dream on 5 different occasions over the past 6 years. 

Maybe it has something to do with her father’s involvement in the OJ Simpson case when she was growing up, or maybe it’s just because she’s really good at stalking people online.

Whatever the reason may be, here’s our exhaustive list of every thing Kim has ever said about wanting to be a forensic investigator. 

1. Vogue Australia (2016)

In the newest edition of Vogue Australia, Kim admitted that if she wasn’t the super famous bish she is, she “would be a forensic investigator and live a normal life.”

2. Time Out Britain (2014)

This admission was prefaced by asking Kim the question what she would have done in life had she not gotten ridiculously famous.

“Maybe a make-up artist. I just love make-up. But more than that, I would love to be a forensic investigator. I’ve literally asked attorneys to intern on a case, a big murder trial. I know I can help solve it. I’m obsessed with murders. I don’t really understand why someone would kill someone. I just feel so sad for people.”

So deep.

3. Keeping Up With the Kardashians (2010)

In Season 3, Episode 8 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim actually managed to convince a private investigator to let her help him search for a missing Miami teenager.

Obviously, the fact that she low key wanted to have his job was brought up by the reality TV star herself.

“I have this sick, twisted fascination with investigating. If I wasn’t doing what I’m going now, I’d be a crime scene investigator.”

To her credit, Kim was pretty helpful. After scouring the girl’s social media accounts for clues, Kim and the PI figured out that the girl’s boyfriend, who was also missing, almost certainly had something to do with it. Then, they managed to track the girl’s boyfriend all the way to his apartment.

Sadly for Kim, they were forced to turn over the case to law enforcement, but still, she got to live out her dream for a hot sec. 

4. Keeping Up With the Kardashians (2015)

In Season 10, Episode 6 of KUWTK, Kim again puts her investigative skills to work to help combat the rising theft problem at Dash’s NYC location.

“I’ve always loved investigating. I am the best spy; I can figure anything out.”

Spoiler alert: she didn’t figure this one out. But after bugging the store and keeping tabs on what was happening, she did get the staff to promise to be more vigilant, which is at least a minor win.

5. Love Magazine (2015)

In 2015, Cara Delevingne interviewed Kim for Love Magazine and asked Mrs. Kardashian West the same magic question as Vogue Australia. Unsurprisingly, her answer was very similar to the one she’d given about one year earlier.  

“Since the TV show happened, I’ve been obsessed with makeup,” she said. “So I would love to be a makeup artist. Actually, I take that all back — what I really want to be is a forensic investigator. I am obsessed with murders and dead bodies.”


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