Kim Kardashian, Blac Chyna, & Kris Once Took A Pole Dancing Class Together

There are a lot of hidden gems in the Keeping Up With the Kardashians vault, but today we discovered what just might be the crown jewel of them all. 

Once upon a time on June 6, 2014, Kim Kardashian, Blac Chyna and Kris Jenner took a pole dancing class together.

That’s right, we said a pole dancing class.

Are you dead yet? You are? Well, don’t worry bb because this clip is about to give you all the life you need today.

In the clip, Kim explains, “My mom invites herself to do stripper pole class. It is so embarrassing,” later going on to say, “I can’t even hardly dance in front of anyone, you know, I get so shy and embarrassed. And my Mom is just going for it.”


Work, Mama Kris.

Unsurprisingly given her past career as a stripper Drake could vouch for, Blac Chyna is pretty good at everything, Kim is best when it comes to looking sexy on the floor and Kris, well as Kim explains, “I have to give my Mom an A for effort, but she should honestly just stick to her Jane Fonda workout tapes.”


Buns of Steel 4eva!

Also, it’s just nice to be reminded that we used to live in a simpler world. A world where Blac Chyna’s existence on KUWTK could be explained with two words: Kim’s friend.



And yes, her shirt does say “Erotic Creature” on it, how kind of you to notice.

Watch the full clip below and get ready to see what a difference 2 years makes.

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