Kim K Returned to Insta with a Butt Vid & People Are Already Pissed

Kim K came back to Instagram to twerk one out and people are already getting pissy with it.

Promoting her new line of Kimoji merch — which includes a matching sports bra and panties set with the word “Savage” on them — Kim bent over and twerked it out for the camera.

Or at least we think it was Kim.

A few commenters think the twerking booty actually belongs to Stephanie Sheppard, Kim’s personal assistant who used to be a professional dancer, but regardless, we’re clearly supposed to think it’s Kim.


A video posted by KIMOJI (@kimoji) on


A video posted by KIMOJI (@kimoji) on

And she didn’t just twerk — Kim K let her her boobs take 5 on an unidentified ass, you know, just for the hell of it.


A photo posted by KIMOJI (@kimoji) on

Do these photos really show off the product she’s looking to sell?

Hell no.

But damn did they inspire some attention-grabbing headlines — and some attention-grabbing comments.

While copying an embed code for one of these photos, I couldn’t help but notice everybody was calling out Perez Hilton for being a dick.

And even though scrolling through hundreds of comments isn’t my idea of an ideal Thursday morning, I’m glad I did because this is what he said: “After your “traumatic” Paris robbery, THIS is how you return to Instagram? Clearly nothing’s changed.”


In the words of annafxoxo, “@theperezhilton shut up already you ho ass bitch.”

Happy holidays, everybody.

[H/T Daily Mail]

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