Kendall and Kylie Are Selling their Phone Numbers Right Now

Being the enterprising young business women that they are, Kendall and Kylie’s latest foray into clothing comes complete with a GREAT marketing ploy.

They’re selling shirts with their phone numbers on them.

And the numbers actually sort of work!

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While the shirts themselves are nothing special — one’s orange with yellow writing and one’s black with yellow writing — the opportunity to call two of Calabasas’ brightest stars is priceless.

If you call up Kendall at 818-438-1325, you’ll be treated to this sunny greeting that sounds nothing like anything that would ever come out of Kendall’s mouth.

“Hi you’ve reached Kendall, I’m sorry I can’t get to the phone right now, but I hope you have a lovely day, and please call me back whenever you want to hear my voice. Byeeeee.”

And then a digital voice immediately squashes all the fun by telling you that the mailbox is full, and it’s time to say goodbye.


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If you call Kylie at 818-437-1448, you’ll find a very different kind of voice mail message. It’s shorter, but it also sounds like something Kylie wasn’t reading off of a script.

“Hello,” Kylie says in a voice that sounds freakishly real.

Seriously, it sounds like she’s actually answering, but in reality she’s just faking you out. That jokester.

She continues by saying, “Hey, it’s Kylie Jenner. Have a great day. Thanks for calling.”

And miraculously at the time I called her voicemail was not full so I tried to leave her a message, although I don’t think it worked. Which is fine seeing as I was only able to mumble out, “Heyyyyy, I don’t think this is working, but if you’re there, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii, Kylie. Bye.”

Doubtlessly, Kendall and Kylie have found some way to profit from these phone calls, so even if their fans don’t have an extra $75 to spend on a t-shirt, they’ll still be able to monetize their rabid fanclub’s devotion.

Crafty, ladies.

[H/T Teen Vogue]

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