Kendall Jenner Is the Fun, Topless Sister For Once in This NYFW Video

Kendall Jenner may be one of 2016’s it-girl models, but sometimes she comes off a little cold, a little distant, and a little above it all. Not that we’re hating, we’re just telling you how it is. 

Or at least that’s how we thought it was. After watching Vogue’s new behind the scenes NYFW video starring Kenny, we’re willing to accept that everything we thought we knew about Kendall was wrong. 

The video follows Kendall around as she shaves her legs in a car (because there just aren’t enough hours in the day), eats pancakes in bed, wonders whether she’d look hot with a unibrow, walks around topless while eating McDonald’s, and talks boob size with her BFF Gigi Hadid.

If all that doesn’t make you start wondering if maybe Kendall is the relatable one in the Kardashian family, then you clearly need to spend more time going home drunk, taking your clothes off and falling asleep with fast food in your mouth.  

Also, we’d like to give a special shout out to Kim K for bringing Kendall the McDonald’s in the first place. Best big sister everrrrr.


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