Kendall Actually Clapped Back At Dude Who Wore ‘Kill the Kardashians’ Shirt

Besides selfies, public displays of opulence and surprisingly mesmerizing Snapchat stories, the Kardashians are known for their public clapbacks.

And the latest: a silent but shady T-shirt worn by Kendall.

While it took Kendall almost a year to craft the perfect clapback to get back at the musician who wore a “Kill the Kardashians” T-shirt onstage, she finally figured it out.

ICYMI, last year, some old sweaty dude from Slayer, an 80s metal band whose discography includes titles like “Hell Awaits” and “Reign in Blood,” wore a t-shirt that said “Kill the Kardashians” on it to try and prove that both him and his band were still relevant and provocative.

It was rude, it was crude, and it was exactly what you’d expect from somebody who peaked before you were even born.

But last week, Kendall finally figured out how to get back at them.

While making an appearance at a new clothing store, Kendall wore a Slayer t-shirt with a giant tombstone reading “RIP” on it.


Totally worth the year of meticulous planning, right?

[H/T Cosmo]

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