Kendall Jenner and ASAP Rocky came up with 2 new ways to wear fanny packs

You may not know this, but Kendall Jenner is a revolutionary. And not the kind that drinks Pepsi, the kind that wears fanny packs.

Last month Kendall wore fanny packs an unprecedented three days in a row in an effort to make the previously for moms at the mall only staple into the new purse for the people.

And now it looks like she’s converted her rumored “boyfriend” ASAP Rocky to the cause and they’ve already brainstormed two new ways to wear them.

Blessed be the bags.

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In the great fanny pack revolution of 2017, fanny packs will cease to be worn around the waist, unless you want the world to know you’re basic, you know it, and you can clap your hands.

Instead, fanny packs can be worn in one of two places: like arm braces, or over your stomach so you look like a tourist who’s petrified of getting pick pocketed.

Allow them to demonstrate for you:

Or perhaps the position of one’s fanny pack will signify what rank you hold in the revolution.

Like if you’re wearing it around your waist you’re a private, but if you’re wearing it like an arm brace you’re a power-hungry dictator with visions of genocide dancing around your head.

But that’s just speculation. I don’t know how the fanny pack revolution will change society, but you know who does?


Awaiting instruction for how to proceed, Kendall.

Viva la revolucion!

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