Kendall is Starting the Fanny Pack Revolution

Kendall Jenner has been chained to to the YOLO when it comes to fashion for months now, and her latest obsession is no exception.

Baby girl is getting REALLY into an incredibly questionable fashion trend which has previously been for mall moms only.

Fanny packs.

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On Thursday afternoon, while she was bopping around NYC, Kendall accessorized her already all over the place outfit with a fanny pack in a contrasting print.

6/1/17: Kendall out and about in New York City – #kendalljenner

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And she wore a fancy version the day before that looked more like a belt, but let’s be real, any purse that hangs on your waist is a fanny pack.

5/31/17: Kendall leaving the Museum of Sex. – #kendalljenner

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While the world at large may not be ready for the fanny pack revolution, if you want in, here are some good fanypacks to stock up on.



See-through bags have been cool for a while now, so if you’re gonna wear something the fashion police may pull you over for, it’s safe to stick to what’s already trendy.

Buy it here.


If it’s this gold, can it ever be wrong?

Buy it here.


Oooooh shiny!

Buy it here.

Viva la revolucion!

UPDATE Kendall wore a fanny pack for an unprecedented THIRD day IN A ROW!!!!!!

And she hung out with Frank Ocean!

Whose hair is now pink!

6/2/17: Kendall with friends out and about in New York City – #kendalljenner #frankocean

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The revolution is real.

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