Who Makes More Money a Year, Kendall or Gigi?

Stick in the mud fuddy duddies may still be giving Kendall and Gigi a hard time about their supermodel status, but seeing as both girls are making millions of dollars every year, they’re probably not crying into their pillows every night about it. Or ever.

But even though Kendall and Gigi don’t see to have a competitive bone in their slender bodies towards each other, hasn’t the petty devil inside you ever wondered which BFF makes more money?

Big surprise, it’s Kendall, but not by much.

Earlier this year, Forbes released a report on how much the top 20 models in the world made last year, and Kendall and Gigi both topped the list at #3 and #5 respectively.

In 2015, Kendall walked away with $10 million and Gigi with $9 million.

All that’s separating them is a measly $1 million.

You know, chump change.

Think they’re taking best friend applications?

[H/T Forbes]

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