‘Queen of Snapchat‘ Katie May Died Because a Chiropractor F*cked Up

So you know how your dad likes to rant about how chiropractors are quacks who do more harm than good?

Turns out, he’s not just being a crotchety old man.

Earlier this year, Playboy model and self-proclaimed “queen of Snapchat” Katie May suffered a massive stroke that came out of nowhere. She died a few days later.

While at the time, the cause of her stroke was a mystery, TMZ just obtained May’s death certificate, which says that the stroke occurred after Katie May went to get a “neck manipulation by a chiropractor” and suffered a “blunt force injury” which “tore her left vertebral artery and cut off blood flow to her brain.”

While her cause of death is listed as “accidental,” the next time you feel a pinch in your neck, maybe just skip the chiropractor and just go get yourself a massage, or something.

Your life just isn’t something to fuck with.


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