Kate Hudson Skips Breakfast Cuz She DGAF About the Haters

Everyone knows the four tenets of a PR-approved celeb diet are as follows:

• eight hours of sleep per night

• 64 oz. of water per day

• a healthy breakfast

• salmon

Those are the rules and no celeb breaks them, unless part of their personal brand is to be featured in a magazine’s special biyearly “Love Your Curves!” issue.

But Kate Hudson? Kate Hudson DGAF.

I know it’s hard to believe, but hear me out: Kate Hudson skips breakfast.

This is insane, right? Literally every issue of every women’s magazine ever has espoused the benefits of a hearty breakfast when it comes to not eating as much later in the day. But Kate Hudson does not believe in it!

In an interview with Self, Kate detailed what she eats in a day. It basically boils down to this: fruit, nuts, coffee, and no freaking breakfast.

“I’m not one of those people who wakes up hungry,” she said. “…I realize that when I do [have breakfast], I eat less during the day or late at night.

The interview continues:

Most mornings, she wakes up to a cup of coffee and a green juice. After a workout—which varies from cycling and running to pilates or a Tracy Anderson routine—she’ll down a protein shake.

Wow. Imagine how her trainer feels.

Let this be a lesson to us all that the usual diet rules suck and if you weren’t born looking like Kate Hudson, literally nothing works.

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