The Kardashians All Dressed Super Casual For The Yeezy Show This Time

Everything about the Yeezy Season 5 show seemed stripped of its usual excitement, including what the Kardashians wore to the show.

Last year they all wore Yeezy, but somehow made it look like Balmain, and they wore actual Balmain last February, and this year they just looked like they were about to hunker down for a long night of Netflix and chilling.

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Kim wore an all burgundy ensemble ensemble.


Kylie wore a greyish turtleneck, jeans and a matching fur coat.

And Kanye wore black sweats.


Afterwards they continued with their dressed down theme by going to McDonalds, where they met up with a similarly dressed down Kendall Jenner and her new BFF Bella Hadid.



Honestly, most lit part of the whole evening.

Oh well, guess that gives us all liberty to show up to fashion shows wearing sweatpants, right?



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