Kanye Says Kim Not Being Naked Is Like ‘Adele Not Singing’

Kimye is one of the world’s most public couples, and to prove they have nothing to hide, they invited a journalist from Harper’s Bazaar into their bed for an interview and ended up revealing a lot of well, let’s just say interesting details about themselves.

Oddly enough, the interview began with Kim and Kanye discussing whether or not they should get an outdoor shower

Kanye: I think we should get an outdoor shower.
Kim: Well, outside would be freezing, so maybe one inside and one outside. One and one.
Kanye: But there’s a way that you can open the glass, like a sunroof. I’m thinking about the plaster too, around the bathtub.
Kim: We’ll discuss.

And then with the interviewer’s undoubtedly exasperated, “Okay,” they moved on to important questions like, what’s their favorite body part?

Kanye: Is the face a body part? My favorite body part of Kim’s: heart.
Kim: Awww, now I have to say the same. But of my own, I like my upper stomach. I just seem to always have abs. When I’m not really pregnant, I have a two-pack. [Laughs] And of Kanye’s? I have to say his heart. And I’ve always loved his legs.

Do either of them have any hidden talents?

Kim: I can smell when someone has a cavity. It’s a very specific smell—not a bad-breath smell—but something that is really strong.
Kanye: I can analyze people’s intentions. Immediately. That’s just a warning. To everyone.

What’s their favorite selfie pose?

Kim: I love a selfie in the mirror.
Kanye: I love her nude selfies. Like, I love the ones from the side, the back ones, and the front. I just love seeing her naked; I love nudity. And I love beautiful shapes. I feel like it’s almost a Renaissance thing, a painting, a modern version of a painting. I think it’s important for Kim to have her figure. To not show it would be like Adele not singing.

“Kanye,” the interviewer couldn’t help herself from asking. “Nude selfies?”

“I used to do nude selfies in my single days,” Kanye admitted. “You’d get a good cock shot here and there. [Laughs.] Gotta keep it rock ‘n’ roll.”

What would they do if they were invisible?

Kanye: Women’s locker room.
Kim: I would probably creepily follow my kids around, see how they act, see what they talk about. I record my daughter just talking because the things she says are so funny. I could watch her talk all day.
Kanye: Yeah, maybe. See, Kim? Yours is so much nicer than mine.

And, most importantly, who’s the vainest?

Kim: I mean, me.
Kanye: Yeah, I think she has vanity. And with me, I don’t give a fuck, bro, it is what it is. I’m the best — now what? I don’t know if that’s a vain statement. I don’t particularly like photos of myself, though.”

You guys.

Read the full thing here.

[H/T Harper’s Bazaar]

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