Kami Kehoe is a “DRAMA QUEEN” releasing her album with a music video of “hate ur f**king self

Alt pop mistress Kami Kehoe debuts her upcoming album “DRAMA QUEEN“, opening with her single “hate ur f**king self“. With a sarcastic and almost bratty demeanor, each track captures the stages of healing a broken heart. The songs show us the various stages she experienced during her breakup. These stages range from feeling numb, coping in the wrong way, reminiscing about the past, getting angry, and finally embracing forgiveness. Kami began her career with the release of her track “loaded gun“, which became a massive success on TikTok garnering over 10.000 followers overnight. She’s a truly talented artist, both on drums and in songwriting. Kami’s music is deeply rooted in pop, but she delved into aspects of rock, R&B and funk, truly a testament to her versatility. Kami has gone through many struggles in her life, which have been reflected in her music. She has written songs about heartbreak, loss, and resilience, all of which are connected to the stages of grief.

Watch the video HERE and listen to the album HERE

Having played music since 6 years old, she began playing the drums and then moved on to be a back-up singer in a band with her two sisters. At 16 she parted ways with her siblings, but her goal was set. She finally found her sound and is ready to start showing the world who she really is with her upcoming album.

hate ur f**king self” opens with heart wrenching lyrics “You don’t love me anymore than you can love yourself”, Kami hypnotizes with her melodic voice. Drenched with emotions, the song starts with an almost soothing rhythm but becomes more euphoric, showing Kami’s amazing vocal range. However, her voice isn’t the only thing we can appreciate, her talents as a drummer are in full display showing what she is truly capable of. At the end we hear a heartbeat mixed with her voice closing with a fade out. Everything is over.

“I titled it DRAMA QUEEN to come off as somewhat sarcastic but also really feeling like I was being too dramatic. Writing each song felt like a therapy session. I would write and release how I felt and then reflect when I listened back to the songs, realizing the emotions I was feeling and accepting them instead of ignoring them.” Kami Kehoe

Taking a closer look at the video I have to say I adore her outfit. It gives these early Avril Lavinge vibes. We get Kami front and center, in a vast desert which I believe is a representation of how she felt after her breakup. Simple but effective, the video builds up to the chorus with her singing her heart out. The styling is spot on, as it fits the theme perfectly. It’s clear that this song was created to show her strength and resilience after a tough breakup.

Keep Kami in your radar, if every song in her upcoming album is like “hate ur f**king self” is gonna be a wild ride. One I personally don’t want to miss. Her music is not for the faint of heart, but it is sure to be an amazing experience. I can’t wait to hear what else she has in store. Get ready for an unforgettable journey.


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