Justin Mattock Share His Teenager Experiences in the Sweet and Mellow “Seventeen”

A few months after the summer success of “She’s Whisky”, Canadian country rock songwriter and singer Justin Mattock is back with the nostalgic-infused new single “Seventeen”. Reaching the top 100 indie radio tunes, “Seventeen” is quickly becoming one of the most popular songs of the year. Mattock’s music resonates with listeners, and his success is growing. In addition to being an accomplished musician, Justin worked as a producer for Chase Your Words for several years in the music industry. As he embarks on a brand-new solo adventure, Justin enjoys 47,000 monthly listeners alone on Spotify and is thrilled to explore this upcoming chapter further.

Listen to “Seventeen” HERE

‘Seventeen’ has a lot of passion, and it’s a classic example of why country rock is so popular. Justin’s reminiscence of better times, simpler times when life was easier and carefree. Easy to listen to, energetic, and just a lot of fun. Its rhythm is delicate but incredibly catchy. The song has a timeless charm that speaks to people’s hearts. It has a catchy melody and upbeat tempo that captures the nostalgia of days passed by, and the lyrics are relatable and meaningful. It’s a song that people can easily sing along to and enjoy its energy. Starting from the very first note of the music, a sense of awe is present. This starts something that gradually grows into something powerful. Much of the experience invites tender tones. The drums dominate, complementing his delivery. Accompanied by the banjo, guitar, bass, and drums, creating a unique sonic experience. He lets the listener focus on their past, allowing them to relive cherished moments. The experience is similar to a journey, with the music unfolding in a slow, subtle manner, revealing new layers with each passing measure. The combination of instruments crafts a sonic tapestry that is both inviting and captivating, while the lyrics provide a narrative that takes the listener through a range of emotions.

A perfectly balanced and flawlessly executed track, Justin Mattock redefines what country rock should be with “Seventeen.” Faith Hill, a famous country singer, once said: “Country music is the people’s music. It just speaks about real life and about truth and it tells things how they really are.” Her words resonate very strongly with Justin Mattock’s music. Evoking emotions that are difficult to describe. He takes country rock to a whole new level, creating an atmosphere of realness often lacking in the industry.

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